Enabling organizations to scale their digital transformation

As more work is handled by machines, the role of the business user is changing from doing the work to orchestrating the work and managing business exceptions. With ARIA, you can scale digital transformation across the organization through a single user experience that allows end users, business owners, and IT to work together in harmony.


Case Processing

Allow business users to interact with automated processes through ARIA’s case processing functionality. Quickly see what has been processed successfully, monitor transactions requiring human validation or exception handling, and drill down to the step-by-step level. The human-in-the-loop interface also allows you to search, correct, restart, or cancel activities.



With ARIA’s scheduling functionality, business users are in full control of when processes are run. Create schedules for repeat activities with set frequencies, and configure notifications to provide critical feedback of when processes end and if they are unable to start at the planned time.


Ad-hoc Execution

ARIA’s app launcher allows users to configure what apps users can see and run automations ad-hoc. All processes, scheduled, running, or completed, are shown to avoid unnecessary runs. The solution also provides for form entry to capture any necessary information at the time of launch.



With an overview of business process execution, ARIA’s dashboard provides business users and administrators with one-stop-shop reporting – displaying relevant metrics and allowing them to drill down directly into case processing details.


UX Management

Aria comes with a library of configurable, easy-to-use views that application builders can choose from to combine the right experience for its end users.


Examples of such views include:

  • Processing view
  • Configurable dashboards
  • Application launcher view
  • and more.


ARIA’s administration functionality allows user complete and customized control to:

  • Create and manage user access, teams, and companies
  • Add new apps and build forms
  • Configure dashboards
  • Manage schedules and automation capacity
  • Configure notifications and environment variables.
  • Develop custom views for end-users

Automation for every user

ARIA delivers value for everyone involved during and after deployment of process automation making it easier to design, implement and support solutions.

Subject Matter Experts

SMEs responsible for processing transactions on a day-to-day basis will now have a central location where they can:

Review transactions processed by the robot, including the steps the robot took.

Manage transaction exceptions and correct, restart, or approve escalations.

Search and filter to quickly find processed items in support of quality assurance or an inquiry.

See a filtered work queue showing what work requires attention for completion.

Manage updates or attachments that are generated as part of each transaction.

Business Managers

Having a team of digital workers under your command makes it that much more important to be able to manage and control what work is being done and how effective the work is performed. With ARIA, business managers can:

Consult dashboards overseeing the workload planned and executed.

Plan, assign and reprioritize work as needed.

Receive alerts on work deadlines and resource constraints.

IT Admins & Controllers

Managing security and infrastructure for multiple tools within process automation can become a challenging task. Controllers find themselves translating exception processing from an assortment of tools back to the business to support operations. ARIA simplifies monitoring, scheduling, and exception management along with providing IT the ability to give more control back to the business, removing a significant burden in ongoing support.

Key capabilities include:

Automated scheduling adjustment of resources driven by business user requirements (with restrictions set by administrators).

Automatic alerting for resources or processes.

Business view of automation log, reducing the need for controllers to interact and monitor executions.

Process view for business allows the business users to correct, start, restart, retry, cancel processes without interference of IT or controllers.

Automation Architects & Developers

When automating processes, solution architects are often torn between optimizing the process while automating, or sticking with the status-quo to remove uncertainty and reduce work efforts. ARIA provides architects with the ability to take advantage of best practices for automation and standardize business interaction with the automation.

Standardize multiple process activities that instantly improve process execution, including monitoring, attachment/file management, user notifications, exception management, and reporting.

Take advantage of reusable libraries to accelerate process automations.

Leverage built-in functionalities to ensure best practices are implemented and enforced.


ARIA’s dashboard capabilities allow easy configuration of results for each user – technical, functional, or management. The data that can be reported on includes the different technologies used for automation (RPA, ML, AI, OCR, NLP, Workflow…), as well as the process execution times of the business users interacting with the solution. This enables a true business view of the impact of automation driving a higher visibility to management.

Immediate reporting on processes in real time.

Customizable view of your dashboard for various metrics & KPIs.

View and analyze direct impact of automation on business operations.

See ARIA in action

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