Our Partnership Approach

Our strategy is to create small initial successes quickly then evangelize. Strong partnerships with Business Operation and IT Leadership drive value realization early in your RPA journey.


Phase 1: Prove it. Quickly.

Let’s see if we can find some good opportunities


Phase 2: Will they come?

Is this really something all business units will take advantage of?


Phase 3: How far can we go?

How do we maximize the value and enable real transformation

INVOKE will help you define

where automation can take your business and build a roadmap to execute

Governance and Organization

  • - Roles and responsibilities
  • - Organization, governance and escalation model
  • - Framework policy (mandate)

HR and Workforce Qualification

  • - Workforce and recruiting strategy
  • - Role demand profiles
  • - Internal knowledge transfer

Performance and Service Management

  • - Project progress and project success monitoring
  • - Use cases and activities tracking

Delivery Model

  • - Delivery Guidelines
  • - Global centralized CoE vs. decentralized mode (experts in major hubs)
  • - Performance and service management