By working with thousands of CPA firms all over the US, Invoke has developed deep domain knowledge in financial services, payroll, and accounting. Our solution is secure and PCI-Certified, making it easy to ensure compliance from your IT department.


Value to Borrowers

Borrowers can submit their supporting documentation for the requested forgiveness amount and obtain guidance on the calculation.

Key Activities

  • – Store documentation securely for potential future audits
  • – Secure communication with your CPA and/or Financial Institution
  • – Guidance on loan amount based on provided data.
  • – Centralize your process to obtain status updates on your loan forgiveness request.

CPA Firms

See the immediate value by automating assistance for your clients in a structured approach, streamlining communication and content management for your clients and employees, and optimizing support for future audit requests.

Key Activities

  • – Content Management
  • – Secure client communication
  • – Processing workflow with approvals and checklists
  • – Complete audit capability
  • – Executive-level progress reporting

Financial Institutions

Regardless if you process the loan forgiveness yourself or decide to work with a partner, our platform streamlines the work involved and mitigates your risk.

Key Activities

  • – Secured client communications
  • – Optimized workflow for loan processing
  • – Complete auditing and reporting
  • – Data integration options with Payroll providers and CPA firms.
  • – Progress reporting during the busy season

Ongoing availability of the solution to support audits.