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through the Lens of Intelligent Automation

We are business consulting and automation solutions company with key focus on business value and outcome realization for our customers.


Process automation





No matter where you are in your automation journey, INVOKE is here to help

We give your team the technology, implementation, and lifecycle expertise to create a successful environment for your automation journey,

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Business Consulting

From strategy to execution, our team of expert RPA and intelligent automation practitioners will help define where automation can take your business and build a roadmap to execute. We will help your team discover, design and deploy automation processes, manage digital workers and scale your digital workforce.


Robot as a Service (RaaS)

A Cloud as-a-Service deployment of automation technology provides a highly scalable modular environment, full cost transparency, and ready to implement pre-built solutions that make it easy for organizations to start running automation applications in the cloud today.


Training Service

Designed to support technical and non-technical resources through the different stages of the automation journey, our RPA and intelligent automation practitioners will provide hands-on training to develop expertise across your organization and give you the tools and skills to build a robust digital workforce.


Team as a Service

Start your automation initiatives with a comprehensive & expert team from day one. INVOKEā€™s Team as a Service(TaaS) model provides a complete automation team to support your program. Leverage the team as an extension to your internal organization or to get started while you build up internal capacity.


Cloud Migration

Our cloud migration framework aligns network initiatives with enterprise strategy and provides a process for repeatable success while promoting innovation. The framework covers end to end intelligent cloud automation lifecycle from assessment to optimization, deployment, and maintenance.

Our Clients & Partners

Simple, Scalable, Secure.

Automation Delivered in the Cloud

Rapid Deployment

Benefit from RPA with limited reliance on internal stakeholders, while remaining fully aligned with your IT and Security teams

Smaller Upfront Investment

Lower barrier of entry, allowing you to build

Controlled Ongoing Costs

Full cost transparency for ongoing environment

Scalable and Flexible

Levrage options as needed, in a highly scalable.

Pre-Built Solutions

Ready to implement pre-built automations that make it easy for organizations to start running

Success Stories

INVOKE helps global financial technology company save over
$2M in call center costs in 4 months.


RPA delivered in cost savings to the business


Payback period


Reduction in capacity back to the business with the help of RPA


RPA reduced average after-call work (ACW) time


Financial Services / Insurance

Financial Services / Insurance

Improve efficiency, reduce fraud, manage compliance and transform the customer experience, while leveraging your existing IT infrastructure.



Streamline back-office operations, increases agility, and minimize human error so you can focus on driving productivity and building the best products.



Streamline manual processes, reduce operational costs and improve accuracy so you can focus on providing the best patient care.

Public Sector

Public Sector

Eliminate human error, increase the speed of execution and improve citizen experience, while leveraging your existing technology platforms.