Team as a Service(TaaS)

Start your automation initiatives with a comprehensive & expert team from day one. INVOKE’s Team as a Service(TaaS) model provides a complete automation team to support your program. Leverage the team as an extension to your internal organization or to get started while you build up internal capacity.

Why Team as a Service(TaaS)?

Unplanned Growth

You know your organization will undergo many projects next year, but you don’t know specifically what they are, or their duration

Resource Scarcity

The roles you need are often the hardest to find, and you may not need a role full time. Many of your projects require a blend of roles.

Technology Gaps

Re-platforming to web or mobile, DevOps, Cloud, and BI all require technology expertise which may not exist in your organization.


It is time consuming and costly to source, hire and onboard resources. INVOKE makes it simple with our satisfaction guarantee

Strategy, Design, Development
and Support in one Team